Capital Projects                          


Improvements of schools and care facilities.

In 2012, a corporation in CRC's network provided the funds for the renovation of a care facility dedicated to children with cerebral palsy. This gave birth to the CRC Capital Projects, of which the purpose is to fnance renovation and construction projects in schools and care facilities in rural areas.


Year       Location          Type                       Value (RMB)

2012      Shanghai            Waterworks              192,000

2014      Qinghai               Upgrades                  222,710

2015      Hainan                Fire staircase            27,718

2015      Yunnan              Water system             27,718

2015      Guizhou             Playground                 17,250


Potential projects

1) Water filtration system

2) Hygiene and sanitation upgrades

3) Renovation and reconstruction of school facilities


How to get involved:

1) Commitment

  • Decide which project to take on

2) Fund-raising

  • Devise creative fund-raising activities at your company

3) Fund-transfer

  • Funds are transferred directly to the recipients under the supervision of CRC

4) Reports from CRC

  • Sponsors will be kept abreast of the development of the renovation or construction.


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