Education Sponsorship Program                         

CRC connects corporations or individuals directly to disadvantaged youth in need of education.

CRC endorses youth who are in need of funding for education (grade 10 and above) in the remote areas of China. The purpose of the Education Sponsorship Program is to bring resources to these youths through sponsorships from corporations as well as individuals. CRC offers an easy-to-follow and transparent process through which the funds reach those in need.

How to get involved?

1) Commitment

  • Corporation and individuals to commit to sponsor youth for one year or more.

2) Fund-raising

  • Devise creative fund-raising activities at your company.

3) Fund transfer

  • Funds are transferred directly to the recipients under the supervision of CRC.

4) Reports from CRC

Sponsors will be kept abreast of the development of the sponsored youth.



For more information, contact CRC at