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One Heart Gift Bag Program



1.    What is the One Heart Gift Bag Program?

It is a process by which through CRC, corporations, groups or individuals can send bags full of gifts to underprivileged children in the rural areas of China.


2.    What is in a One Heart gift bag?

A One Heart gift bag contains a minimum of 5 new items which must include a jacket, shoes, toys, books and school supplies. Additional items can be added according to the budget.
No food, toys powered by battery or used items are allowed.


3.    How much does a One Heart gift bag cost?

CRC Consulting Fee Packing Material Fee Gift Price Shipping Fee Total Price
30RMB/Bag 10RMB/Bag 170RMB/Bag 15RMB/Bag 225 RMB/Bag


4.    How does a corporation get started with the One Heart Gift Bag Program?

a)    Contact CRC at

b)    CRC will advise on the selection of children

c)    The corporation forms a leadership team


5.    What does the Leadership Team need to do?

The Leadership Team needs to coordinate the following operations:

a)    Communication with the employees;

b)    Marketing of the One Heart Gift Bag Program;

c)    Fund-raising and financial process


 6.    Does CRC provide any materials for the marketing campaign?

Yes. CRC provides virtual marketing documents that can be printed, posted in the premises and included in the internal newsletter. CRC also provides templates for marketing emails.


7.    Does CRC provide a bag to pack the gifts in?

Yes. CRC provides a signature One Heart gift bag that is individually labeled for each child that the corporation sponsors.


8.    Can the corporation put its logo on the One Heart gift bags?

The corporation can attach its logo to the outside of the One Heart gift bag.


9. How do the One Heart gift bags get to the children?

The One Heart gift bags can be picked up and shipped by China Post or delivered using corporation’s own courier service.


10. Can the corporation go to the location to distribute the One Heart gift bags?

Yes. The corporation must be accompanied by a CRC staff who coordinates the logistics of the trip. The cost of such visit is borne by the corporation.


11. What kind of feedback can the corporation expect if it does not attend the distribution?

CRC will provide the sponsoring corporation with photos or videos of the distribution.


12. What are the volunteering opportunities for corporations or individuals?

1)    Stapling Party (usually twice a year in April and October).

The signature One Heart gift bags are stapled with labels of each child’s information.


2)    Packing Party (usually twice a year in May and November)

The One Heart gift bags are packed and made ready to be shipped to the locations of the children.


13. How does a corporation or individual register to be a volunteer?

A communication will be sent out before each volunteering event and anyone interested can then sign up for the event. One can also visit our website: or follow our WeChat public platform: crc-csr-children to get an update of our events.



Child Sponsorship Program

1)  What is Child Sponsorship?

CRC helps corporations or individuals bring financial resources to disadvantaged children in remote areas of China so they can complete their education or have access to medical care.

CRC works with approximately 175 primary schools in 14 provinces, and a number of facilities that care for children with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and brittle bone disease.


2)  Why is there a difference in the value of sponsorship?

High School: 4,000 RMB per year per child

Value of sponsorship includes tuition fees, food and boarding


College/trade school/vocational school: 5,000 RMB per year per child

Value of sponsorship includes tuition fees, food and boarding


3)  How to get involved?

Step 1) Commitment

             Commit to sponsor a number of children in selected province.

             The commitment is based on a yearly basis which covers two semesters for school children.

            Minimum Commitment:

            Corporations: 80,000 RMB per year

            Individuals: 30,000 RMB per year

            *CRC charges a 15% consulting fees which is above and beyond the value of sponsorship

           **Upon signing the agreement, CRC will provide the children’s information

Step 2) Fund-raising

              CRC can assist you in the fund-raising activities by providing ideas and marketing materials

Step 3) Funds are transferred to the recipients

Step 4) Sponsors will be kept abreast on the development of the sponsored children. 


4)  How are funds transferred? 

The 15% CRC consulting fees are transferred upfront to CRC upon signing the agreement. An official receipt (fapiao) will be provided by CRC for the consulting fees.

The funds for the children sponsorship are transferred in the following manner:

Option 1) Official receipt (fapiao) NEEDED for compliance purposes: Funds will be directed to the designated recipients through CRC partner, the Children’s Hope Foundation.

                 * An additional 5% of value of sponsorship is chargeable for issuance of receipt by Children’s Hope Foundation

Option 2) Official receipt (fapiao) NOT NEEDED: Funds will be transferred directly to the recipients.


5)  What will the sponsor receive?

 Children information upon signing the agreement

 Proof of receipt of funds

 Thank you letters

 School reports

 Certificate of sponsorship

 Children booklet including children pictures and family background


 6)  Can the sponsor visit the children?

A CRC coordinator shall facilitate arrangements and accompany the sponsor to the destination if the sponsor decides to visit the children. The costs incurred by such visit, by the CRC coordinator, shall be borne by the sponsor. An additional fee of 500 RMB per day for the coordinator applies for the trip.

CRC shall assist you in every way possible and assign you a coordinator to walk through the process with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

CRC shall assist you in every way possible and assign you a coordinator to walk through the process with you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Join us in helping to ensure that every child in China has access to education, healthcare, and shelter


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