CRC’s trips to the countryside

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Thank you for your interest in CRC trips to the countryside. Here are some more details.Cost: 5,000RMB for 3 days minimum with a flexible return, including:Airline ticket, Accommodation for 2 nights, Ground Transportation and Admin Fee .Schedule:1.    Guangxi – Depart: Wed. May 10th

Community Roots China

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  Introducing Community Roots China, a charity organization focusing on getting corporations to give back to the kids.    By XZ Palmer from SmartShanghai APR 6, 2017   "Communities" is our regular column about just that. It is everything you need to know about a given social organization, group, charity, club, etc. in a convenient, easy-to-read package.  

Qinghai Girls School and Orphanage Needs Improvement

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About the Qinghai Girls School 

Kitchen of Primary School in Guizhou is Done!

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The constuction of the kitchen of Mupiao Primary School is completed. Thanks to the sponsor --- Bank of Montreal. With their help, students of Mupiao Primary School can now sit down and eat in an hygenic shelter.

One Heart Bags Delivery on Children's Day

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On Children's Day, CRC teams were out delivering bags to different provinces in China. Giving is receiving. Our hearts were melted by the beautiful and pure smiles of the children. How excited and happy they were when receiving the bags donated by the corporations.

Interested in Helping a Xinjiang Primary School? 新疆小学募集赞助

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Following our trip to Xinjiang, we noticed that the facilities of a Xinjiang Primary school need substantial improvements. The school needs eveything from completely new bathroom to funiture (beds/desks/chairs), and kitchen equipments.

Child Sponsorship Program 儿童资助项目

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Child Sponsorship program aims primarily to support the education needs of disadvantaged children in rural areas in China. 

HK FISH Brings Love to Guizhou & Gansu 香港同心携手传递爱与希望

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Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

Century 3 Visited Sponsored Children in Gansu Province

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After sponsoring 7 children from Guangxi Province for their yearly education and living expenses, and donating 100 gift bags to chil