Our Programs

We focus on helping those in greatest need


One Heart Gift Bags

Our One Heart gift Bags program runs twice a year and provides children in need from rural area schools, orphanages, and foster care or low income families with clothing, school supplies, and toys.

Child Sponsorship

Our child sponsorship program aims primarily to support the education needs of disadvantaged children in rural areas in China.

Capital Projects

Our capital projects aim to improve the shelters where children live. Projects can include new construction or renovation of a facility, or the purchase of equipment for the facility’s use.



Most primary shchools in the countryside do not have libraries and reading materials are very limited.In order to expand the children's minds and cultivate a habit of reading.CRC sends books that are age appropriate and excitiing to the schools.

Community Roots China

Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility


Leadership Development

When a company is committed to CSR programs, charitable initiatives become team building exercises where potential leaders are identified and developed.

Employee Retention

Corporations that demonstrate their commitment to the social good are attractive to top talent. CSR programs can strengthen corporate cohesion and culture and lead to lower turnover rates.


Corporate Image

Each CSR effort offers many public relations opportunities in an era of constant social media communication, typically at a lower cost than traditional marketing.

Our Clients

More than 60 multinational corporations around China