I am a student from Anlong No.1 Middle School in Guizhou province. My home is located more than 60km away from my high school. Normally I won’t be home until school holidays. Every time I come home, my dad will prepare a sumptuous meal for me and my younger brother.

I am in Guizhou

I know most things taste better home grown, but we still enjoy eating it. During summer vacation, I will help out around the house. If there are short term job vacancies available, I might also work in a diner or supermarket. Packing my bag with all the things I will be needing at school one day earlier before school reopen has become my usual habit since junior high. Next day I will take early morning bus ride back to school.

I come from rural areas and both my parents are farmer. We live together in a village where land is 1000 m2, while our cottage is 90 m2.   We couldn’t earn enough to support the whole family. Thus my mom has to leave for Guangzhou in order to find a better job with higher salary while my father, eleven-year-old brother and I work in the field. I am currently studying at Anlong No.1 Middle School. Fees I am supposed to pay to attend high school are as follows: Tuition, 800 Yuan per semester, accommodation, 150 per semester, living expenses, 1850 Yuan for first semester and 1450 Yuan for second semester. In common test, I score highest in Chinese while Physics and Chemistry are my weakest subjects. Albert Einstein once said, “” Interest is the best teacher.” I like Physics, but my result doesn’t turn out well. There are 97 days more to graduation. I will do everything I can to improve my marks so that I leave no regrets. I have always wanted to go to university. My parents told me, education is the best way out of poverty. In order to stop my parents from worrying about my future, I have to work my way through high school and college.

Shanghai Is somewhere I long and yearn for. I can imagine how splendid Oriental Pearl Tower is. I plan to visit Shanghai after graduation. Besides, I like to take picture and eventually photography becomes my hobby. I want to travel around the world as it is such a good way to experience life. After much considerations, I have decided to apply for Guizhou Normal University. I am interested in careers that involve teaching because being a teacher allows me to make an impact to the society and enrich my own life.

Over the past two years, I have received endless care, concern and 11000 Yuan from Community Roots China. For your information, I lent 2000 Yuan to a classmate who is in need. The remaining money I spent mainly on tuition fees.

Your generosity has greatly reduced the financial burden of my family. My heartfelt thanks to you for being supportive and showing up in time during my time of need. Now I am able to concentrate on my studies. Thank you tons!

I am in Guizhou

Education Sponsorship

Education Sponsorship

63% of rural left-behind children are unable to attend high school, and only 8% reach university. CRC's Education Sponsorship program provides students with a sponsorship of 2,775 RMB/year to attend high school, vocational school or university.The sponsorship helps impoverished students cover their yearly school tuition, boarding fee and basic living expenses such as books, clothes and transportation. Help them achieve their dreams, change their future, and effect a positive change in the future of China!

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Huang Fumei

"I like reading. My primary school teacher used to say that knowledge can change one's destiny. So born to a poor family, I hope that, through my own efforts, I can get admitted to the university and find a good job afterwards, and thus change my destiny and resolve family difficulties.“

I have a big family with my elderly grandparents, my father and mother, two younger sisters and a younger brother. Grandpa is 71 years old and too senile to do manual work. His job now is to take care of the grandchildren and keep the house. Grandma is 70 years old. She often suffers dizziness due to high blood pressure, which she always has to take medicine to control. We would feel relieved as long as she can take care of herself.

One of my younger sisters is a high school freshman this year and she's a quite good student. Both of us are in high school now and high school costs. Tuition, books, and living expenses all need money. My little brother and the other little sister are in the sixth grade of primary school. Tuition and books are free at that level because the government pays for them. However, we all need to pay for our living expenses, learning materials, and stationery.

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