My name is Wang Shan. I am one of the students being aided by CRC Education Sponsorship. I am currently in my final year of high school.I grow up in a family of 7. My family and I live in a village in Anlong county.

Although our single storey house is tiny, but all of us fit right into it. It’s a half an hour car ride from my home to school, or 3 hours by foot.

After high school, I choose to further my studies. I am interested in English at the moment. I might pick a major related to language or translation. I have been wanting to go to Chongqing. Plus, Chongqing is not too far from home.

To me, English, Biology and language are some of my preferable subject. I can do better in English. Mathematics and Physics are my favourite subjects as well. I will study hard in order to get into Chongqing University, which is my ideal university. My motives for entering higher education is to fulfil my dream so that I can repay the kindness so many had shown me, my mom, my relatives, my school and Community Roots China.

I am in Guizhou

Education Sponsorship

Education Sponsorship

CRC Education Sponsorship program consists of providing students in the countryside who attend high school with a sponsorship of 5,000RMB/year. Alternatively the students can attend vocational school or university.The sponsorship helps the poorest students cover their yearly school tuition, boarding fee and basic living expenses such as books, clothes and transportation.

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Life Stories


Huang Fumei

"I like reading. My primary school teacher used to say that knowledge can change one's destiny. So born to a poor family, I hope that, through my own efforts, I can get admitted to the university and find a good job afterwards, and thus change my destiny and resolve family difficulties.“

I have a big family with my elderly grandparents, my father and mother, two younger sisters and a younger brother. Grandpa is 71 years old and too senile to do manual work. His job now is to take care of the grandchildren and keep the house. Grandma is 70 years old. She often suffers dizziness due to high blood pressure, which she always has to take medicine to control. We would feel relieved as long as she can take care of herself.

One of my younger sisters is a high school freshman this year and she's a quite good student. Both of us are in high school now and high school costs. Tuition, books, and living expenses all need money. My little brother and the other little sister are in the sixth grade of primary school. Tuition and books are free at that level because the government pays for them. However, we all need to pay for our living expenses, learning materials, and stationery.

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